Can We Prevent From Having Aids If We Have Sex With A Condom On And Having Anal Sex....?


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Yes you will prevent aids if you really use condoms but still be careful because the condom has the tendency to break anytime..
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No...the condom could break...also saliva.....can be careful
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I agree with what the other two gentlemen's reply. In addition, if you see physical signs of the presence of STD or HIV in the other person, please resist from having intimate relations because that will definitely increase the chance of getting HIV.   I read that when people do anal sex, it causes a tear in that part of the body.
Other preventive practices would be awareness of how blood and body fluid will be transmitted from person to person.
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No.... You can get it no matter what sorry!!!!!!
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If you think, but are not certain, that you or your partner has HIV, then you should get tested ASAP, before having sex with anyone, regardless of whether or not you're using a condom.

If you know for sure that one of you is infected, then you/they should be under a doctor's care for it. Find out how well-controlled it is. The better it's controlled, the less likely transmission becomes.

That said, the answer to your question is both yes and no. Yes, a condom is the only proactive way to block the virus from being transmitted through sex when it otherwise might be. However, even when used correctly, condoms have about a 2% failure rate, so it is not bulletproof.

Still, HIV absolutely does not mean you have to give up sex forever. Between staying on top of it with good treatment and responsible, proper condom use, you may not be able to completely eliminate the risk of transmission, but you can reduce it to very little. As long as everyone involved is informed, and that's good enough for all of you, then go for it!

Also, if the condom breaks, then there is a treatment which has a chance of killing the virus before it can establish a reservoir in your body, but it needs to be administered at a hospital as close to immediately as possible (the trick to it is, like I said, purging the virus before it can establish a reservoir), and it's disgustingly expensive if you live in the US. Still, it's useful to be aware of in case of an emergency.

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Whether its vaginal, anal, or oral, either way your at risk. Condoms do protect against the exchange of bodily fluids, but they can break. Please be careful!
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I agree with the other person's reply...also very important is that you use a WATER-BASED lube! Not anything oily! There are many types of water-based lubes on the market...
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As long as you use a condom, where and which way you have sex does not affect vulnerability to infection.
Anal is much more risky, without a condom, because it can cause bleeding and HIV is transmitted by exchanges of blood and semen.
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As long as you is having protected sex you can not get it. If you are scared that the condom will break have them put on two or three of them.
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Doubling up on condoms actually increases the risk of them breaking, so definitely don't use more than one.
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1. If you are concerned that they may have aids then do not have sex with that person. 2. If you have aids and you are having sex then please either stop, turn yourself in as an attempted murderer, or just commit suicide and be done with it.
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Like the song from team America.... EVERYBODY HAS AIDS AIDS AIDS!!!! And no it wont as every1 has aids!
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No, even with the condom you can and most likely will conduct the hiv virus, but you can live with hiv and not have aids for a while.

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