Does Anal Sex Cause Aids If You And Your Wife Are Clean?


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AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV. Most common routs of its transmission are sex which include vaginal, anal and oral, blood transfusion, use of contaminated syringes and from infected mother to neonate. Its transmission through sex depends upon exchange of sexual fluids. If both partners are free from HIV then no chance of its transmission though any sex. For its transmission, at least one partner should by infected.
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If both are not infected 'n' free from virus then why ppl says dat anal can be dangerous without condom ?
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No 1 has to have  hiv or aids to get. It not something we can make . But wear condom when you have anel sex she can get a nasty yeast infection.
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No only get an STD if either of you guys are wont get it if you both are clean...Go explore..have fun ;)

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