Can You Get Hiv From Touching Someones Cuts?


5 Answers

CARRY OK Profile
CARRY OK answered
Only if you touch them with your cut an there bleeding
Bill Profile
Bill answered
Yes, that's why medics, dentists, and anyone else likely to make contact with blood wear disposable gloves.
rebecca simmons Profile
rebecca simmons answered
You cannot catch HIV from touching an infected persons cuts unless you also have a cut and the blood gets into your system!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I do not believe you can unless you have a cut sore scrape gash or broken skin touching the blood. Oh and the person needs to be infected!
Krystal DeLaRosa Profile
yes you can get it through touching a person's cuts. Billie is right.. This is why professionals wear gloves. Blood can get into your system through the skin. You don't have to have a cut also. Be careful!

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