What Is Bullous Pemphigold?


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Bullous Pemphigold is an extremely rare skin condition which can occur anywhere on the skin. However it is generally most commonly found either in the armpits or the groin area. Originally this was more an older persons conditions but there have been more and more people in their early fifties developing it and it affects both males and females equally. Usually the condition goes by itself but in some cases it does reoccur again later on in life.

The symptoms of the condition include a rash on the skin followed by inflamed skin and it becomes extremely itchy. Tiredness is another symptom and sufferers also generally feel irritable. The condition can be really distressing at times and often people who are suffering from it will be stressed out and that can cause the problem to become a lot worse. The skin often develops blisters and they can be painful. The condition is generally diagnosed by a skin biopsy on one of the blisters.

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