Omg My Chest Feels Like Its On Fire What's Wrong With Meh?


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G'day Tortoise,

Thank you for your question.

If you were older, I would say it was a heart attack. If it continues for long, I would call a doctor.

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Seffie Jones answered
Maybe you are having heart burn. Or if you were running for a long time, it's just your lungs trying to get air.
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Do not be a fool, have it checked out.  I'm a veteran of 3 angiograms, 2 angioplasties and a triple bypass. DO NOT ignore symptoms, they are warning you there may be something serious happening to your body. Symptoms of heart attack are varied and may be ignored as something else. I used to get pains from angina which would radiate through the chest, neck, head and jaws. As far as age of heart attack victims, heart attacks have NOTHING to do with age. From babies to old age they happen daily and do not respect age.  Better to feel foolish than dead, call a doctor.
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Um...could be indigestion or something... (?)
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Never wait on any chest pain. People are having heart attacks at such young ages nowadays. Some people have small ones that are very uncomfortable but they never knew thats what it was so they don't seek help. I would have it looked at even if you feel better.
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Put the doobie down. No, really, you better ask your mum to take you to a doctor, mate.

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