Everytime I breathe in, it's like my ribs hurts. I also have been waking up in the morning with like shortness off breathe or like feeling like I can't breathe. I'm only 14 what's wrong with me?


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I think you should go to the hospital whatever time you feel like that and have your mom or someone take you to the doctors to get you a check up and to get you checked out cause something could be seriously wrong not tryna scare you or anything but I think you should go just to be on the safe side before its to late but wish you luck and hope you get and feel better soon

good luck
get well soon :)
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Please take a Pneumonia test and TB test urgently. I had such a problem sometimes back. The best is to consult a doctor. Don't forget to tell God about it
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Well, I had that too when I was your age. I thought there was something terribly wrong with me and it felt like there was something pressing down on my chest, especially in the morning. But it eventually went away, wasn't bronchitis or anything.
Still, it is best to play it safe. Go ahead and get a checkup if you want to, it could be more serious.
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Consult a doctor

take x-ray , I fear pain is due to fracture or broken ribs

don't take it lightly , tell your parents
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Ive had symptoms like that before you should go to the dr. You probably need antibiotic when I done that I had bronchitus but definantly see a dr. If your not better right away
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Zomg! I use to have that, don't make it a habit! Maybe you are stressed/anxious/nervous or panicky? If you are, just calm down! Its all in your head with this breath thingy. I doubt it is really bad.... Exactly all these people saying shit like tb and breath controls and antibiotics.... Trust me generally its not anything. If its happening for a while, longer than usual and you think its getting out of hand... Then you can.
Just be cautious, if you feel nervous or whatever find ways that make you feel alright.

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