Along With Pain My Back Feels Like Its Burning. Is This Normal?


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I had a lot of trouble with the muscle across my upper back, right below my neck, and after a while it felt like it was burning, especially if clothes rubbed against the skin, or someone touched my back there.  When I asked the doctor why the muscle pain was suddenly making my skin feel like it was burning, she told me that it was normal, especially if that part of your back has been hurting or aching for several months.  Evidently, the constant strain of the particular muscles that are hurting, eventually lead to a burning feeling in the skin that is in proximity to it.
Hope that helped you out a bit.
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Amy - I know exactly what you are talking about.  I have had several small injuries over the years plaing sports and a lot of baseball and golf (twisting and turning of the back), once I was lifting and turning with about 40 pounds and I fell to the ground, I felt like I broke my back, not that I know what that feels like.  I still have pain between my shoulders and in lower back.  I also dislocated my left shoulder and tore the rotator cuff on the right, never had surgery.  I am in pain every day, for years it has gotten worse, by the time I was 30 it was bad, 7 years later it is killing me.  My wife is sick of me complaining, I want to get a massage, she tells me to get a girlfriend for that..sometimes it hurts to walk, feeling like my hips are out of socket or something, my neck always hurts, my back between should blades always hurts, my lower back always hurts.  I told my Dr yesterday I would be the first person to have a Spine transplant. My doc give muscle relaxers and pain pills and anti inflamatory meds, but even Chiro's have not worked (I tried two different over about 5 years. - I am at a loss.
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My left shoulder as well as the lower lft. Side of my back is always in some type of pain.. It is constant and anything that I do, chiropractor, PT, and even medication does not relieve it.  It is not debilitating, however it is a nagging P.I A.  At  times I get this burning fire like feeling where the pain is....Does anyone else ever experience this kind of  thing?  I drive my husband crazy,  he just thinks I am going crazy.....At times I think he is right, because I find myself always dwelling in my back and shoulder pain...Thanks Amy
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It's not normal for any one to feel like your back is burning I think you should go to the doctors and they will give you like a creme that will help

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