What Changes Occur When Blood Reaches The Lungs?


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Here's my question. When the blood reaches the lungs, it pick up oxygen and gets rid of the waste materials (Blank) and (Blank) Whats the answers for the blanks? Please respond soon! :)
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I think there is only one waste material but I'm not sure. You probably know it, but just in case. It's carbon dioxide. The exchange of gases occurs in the lungs, when oxygen is given to the capillaries in the lungs and carbon dioxide is given to the alveoli. Hope I helped. ;]
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I am not sure if this is what you are asking but here goes, when blood reaches the lungs there is a diffusion of gases. Waste co2 is exhaled while freshly oxygenated blood is circulated around the body.
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“And it also sends carbon dioxide from the blood out into the atmosphere. Which is called gas exchange.”
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Eventual suffocation, which then leads to death.

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