How Are The Blood Clots In The Lungs? And How To Get Rid Of Them?


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They can develop there, or they can break off and travel into the lungs. In either case, they can be fatal if not tended to. To get rid of it, there a couple of different medicines. There is the lovenox injection, which is done in the fatty tissue of the abdomen, and then there is warfarin. Early in the time of treating the clot, both of the medicines are used.
Lovenox dissolves the clot, and warfarin (coumadin) is used to maintain the INR and PT levels in the body, this is designed to keep the clot from coming back. Hope this helps.
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A blood clot is developed when blood changes from a free-flowing liquid to a semisolid gel. This is normal response of a body to an injury. Usual clotting occurs within seconds and helps limit blood loss by sealing injured blood vessels when there is an injury. Though, blood clots can be threaten and intimidate life if they form inside uninjured blood vessels. Normal and usual blood flow is blocked and function is reduced or vanished in the cells the blood vessel carries blood to or from. The consequence can be the heart attacks, blood clotting in the lung, or other disorders.

Blood clotting in the lungs typically break loose from the legs, are the reason of thousands of deaths every year. Blood clots can as well be straight associated to deaths from other problems such as surgical recovery, accidents, long-term immobility, and cancer.
Smokers, those who do not exercise and overweight people have a high risk for rising and developing blood clots. People with blood vessel troubles, like varicose veins, hardening of the arteries, vessel wound or surgery, are at danger and risk as well. Some diseases like clotting disorders of the blood also boost the possibility of forming blood clots. Blood clots are the major cause of unexpected heart attack. Way of life changes can lessen your risk of developing and budding blood clots. One must stop smoking and start some healthy exercise
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My mum id in hospital with blood clots she has two in her bottom part of her leg beliw her knee multiple above the knee and lots in both lungs she is on warfrin and she is going to be absolutley and may come out tomorrow depending on what her specialist says
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My mum has a blood clot in her lung and so far this is the only site after 2 hours I found explained it best its very calming to know somebody else understands me in a way !

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