Which Should I Use To Treat Thinning Hair - Rogaine Or Nioxin?


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As a man with experience of both Rogaine and Nioxin, I can tell you that Nioxin works better as a preventative measure, whereas Rogaine is better as a treatment.

Nioxin takes care of the hair that’s already on your head, so if hair loss runs in your family, I’d suggest using Nioxin before your hair starts thinning.

It’s much easier to delay the onset of hair loss than it is to grow back the hair that you’ve already lost.

You need to persevere with this one. Using it for a couple of months won’t make a difference – you need to keep up the treatment for between six months and two years before you’ll see an effect.

Unfortunately, after about two years, the effects will stop being so noticeable. Your hair shouldn’t get any thinner, but don’t expect it to get any thicker, either.

I’ve stopped using both Nioxin and Rogaine now, as I didn’t find that either made enough of a difference to warrant spending that much money each month.

Since I stopped using the Rogaine, my hair seems to have started thinning again, and I’m back to square one.

Use Nioxin before your hair starts to thin, and use Rogaine if you’re prepared to keep up the treatment indefinitely. In my opinion, neither is really worth the money.
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Excessive use could also form part of the problem. Why not try giving both external treatments a break for a bit and trying Evening Primrose Oil, Calcium and Collagen, all of which promote the healthy growth of hair, skin and nails.
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I heard both had great reviews. I also used Reloxe for hair loss which helped me to cure my hair loss too.

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