Im Anorexic But I Take Vitamins. Will The Vitamins Keep My Hair From Thinning And Falling Out?


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Don't assume...she might actually mean anorexia. Although I suppose if that were the case she would just cram something down...
Depends on how little you eat. If you go too long without meals, your body will go into starvation mode. This means your metabolism will slow down, cell replication will slow as well, especially in non-vital parts like hair, skin, nails, muscles, and bones. Whenever you do eat, your body will attempt to store as much of that energy as possible in the form of fat, and burns it as slowly as possible, just enough to maintain acceptable body temperature, oxygen circulation, brain activity, etc, putting as little energy as possible maintain your hair, nails, teeth skin, brain, and immune system. Also your body will start digesting your muscles for energy and protein, creating the double advantage of gaining energy and not having to maintain the muscle cells.

If you take a multivitamin, your body will still go into starvation mode and not grow anything, including hair, because it takes energy, not just vitamins, to grow hair. However, go ahead and take the vitamin anyway, because it will keep your body from sapping the calcium out of your teeth and bones.

You can stave off starvation mode by spacing your meals out. If you eat something every two hours, your body will know you aren't experiencing a famine. It's not so important how much you eat in total, just how often. You can make your mini meals pretty tiny and still get this effect. If you eat enough to keep the burning/aching of your stomach away at all times, you won't go into starvation mode, provided you are eating something nutritious and not junk.
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Not necessarily, if your body's metabolism is slow enough your small intestine loses its ability to absorb vitamins an minerals. The best way to absorb these nutrients is through food. By the way you're not anorexic you have anorexia nervosa. Someone who has anorexia want to eat but has no appetite.
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I'm anorexic too. I think that you'll be fine if you eat just a tiny snack every two hours. That will really help you maintain a good image. If the vitamins don't help then I think that using a good shampoo and conditioner for dry hair will help. That should have vitamins in it for your hair.

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