What Is The Longest Period You Carry Chlamydia And Not Have The Symptoms?


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A regular pap smear will not detect chlamydia, you have to request the panel!!  So if you are getting your once a year check ups, chlamydia can be missed.

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It all depends on if the couple have regular check ups.  The woman should have a pap smear every year.  If that were the fact or if she has had any kids lately they would have checked it.  To even get birth control you have to have a yearly pap smear and they would have found that.  So the woman I am sure the doctor would have found it if she had chlamydia.  Men on the other hand if he had no symptoms or maybe he did and just thought they were normal they don't get checked on a regular basis.  So if you ask me someone is probably not being honest in the situation because they don't want to get caught.  However, you can't prove that one always has symptoms.  This day and age it seems like anything is possible.  I am a medical assistant this is just my opinion.  Good luck.  Hopefully, they are able to get treated and regular checkups and move on.
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Chlamydia is known for being asymptomatic - no symptoms- indefinitely. And unless the woman had been tested specifically for chlamydia, it would NOT show up any other way. Because there are no symptoms until severe damage has been done, you can have it from your 1st sexual encounter, and never know it, unless you are made infertile by it, and it's discovered in an attempt to figure out why you aren't getting pregnant.

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