If You Leave Chlamydia For Months Untreated Will You Get Symptoms?


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No, you will not necessarily get symptoms that's why its known as the silent disease because you can go years without symptoms and then it may be to late and a lot of permanent damage can be done to your sexual organs.

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I just went to the Hospital and they told me I had pid I got put on medication but scared that it wont work...I am in cronic pain and I can't take it no more can someone help?
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Yes if you leave Chlamydia untreated for month for sure you will get symptoms. Chlamydia is a widespread expression applied for infection with any sort of bacteria belonging to the phylum Chlamydiae.

This expression originates from the name of the bacteria species Chlamydia in the family Chlamydiaceae, order Chlamydiales. Nearly most of the women who get Chlamydia and do not get themselves treated get pelvic inflammatory disorder, which is a scientific term for the infection of the uterus, fallopian tubes.

PID can also result in scarring inside the reproductive organs, which can over the period of years result in serious complication. Chlamydia is often known as "silent Epidemic" cause in women, it may not show any symptom but will linger for months or even years before eventually being exposed.

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