Severe And Constant Nerve Pain In Leg, Is There Anything Other Than Prescriptions Drugs?


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Is he mobile? If so, water therapy can be good. Very hot baths with jets. Like a jacuzzi. Pain meds are never the answer.  maybe acupuncture? Its not usually covered by insurance, but also not very expensive. Also a hyperbaric chamber restores tissues in the body. That can be costly, but a lot of insurances cover some of it and a ton of physical therapy offices have them now.
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I have to disagree here for the sake of the regular working folk whose insurance will not cover acupuncture. Acupuncture IS very expensive. The least expensive that i found near me (in montana) was $89/treatment. That's expensive when you are paying for insurance and other medications.
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First, sorry for your son. I have a very good friend who had a similar problem and acupuncture did a world of difference. His pain diminished drastically and now for almost 2 years after a 3 month treatment (weekly). Nothing to loose. Also chiropractic can help too.

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It always helps to pray and ask god to heal his body unless you have a different religion.  But it work for me and I know it will work for anyone God is all see all knowing and all mighty just try him he will never fail you and also consult a lawyer if the job or the doctor  or insurance company refuses to continue to pay for the cost of treatment and medications etc.

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