I Have Trouble/pain In The Right Leg, Above The Knee. Not Sure If It Is The Muscle Itself...there Is A Definite Lump, Although Nothing Seen On Scan. Pain Is Now Worse Than Ever. Any Suggestion?


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I was just researching about torn and pulled muscles and found that a second-degree tear was very similar to what you explained. If you had been doing physical activities this is a possibility.
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Why does it not show on a sonar/scan? If a torn muschle is the case, how can it be treated?
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If you did tear your muscle to help heal don't put a lot of stress on it. Keep it easy on that leg. But I'm not sure now if I didn't show up on that thing.
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The pain in the right leg can be due to trauma, injury, accidents, sports injury, over weight, muscular pain or it can be due to a pinched nerve. I advice you to have MRI of spine to investigate as all other tests re not showing any thing.
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I am very curious about your situation. I HAVE THE SAME THING!!!! I see you posted this 6 months ago and i have had this for a bit over 5 months. I've had a knee MRI and it showed nothing. I've seen an orthopedic and a neurolagist. Has numerous mri's and 2 ct scans on pelvis, spine , abdominal and nothing was found. I've had chest pain to, but that was monts back.
I've had anxiety and depression over this and now I'm on Lexapro. I've always been so healthy and done nothing to cause this.
Now, I have noticed the same type of bump above my knee as well. I'm afraid it might be serious and have thought all along. At one point I couldn't walk, and I thought I had sciatica. But like I said, the docs found nothing.
My insurance has been paying for so much, I just don't want my doc to think I'm a hypercondriac or something or be turned down by my insurance. I've been having something done every week pretty much.
So, I'm just curious to the main post or to anyone who reads this.......any ideas?????
I am so desperate for an answer


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