Does Sit-ups Cause Severe Pain In Legs?


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If you are doing them using your back it will cause leg pain because you are hurting something in your back causing pain to radiate in your legs. Make sure you are using your abs and not your back to do situps and do them slow and not fast and concretate on your ab muscles.
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Cindy Thompson answered
Were you using your legs to help you sit up? Sit-ups if done properly are done by using your abdominal muscles. People have done away with putting their hands behind their heads because they usually strain their neck. Your legs may move some when you do the sit ups but that is okay.
I used to put my feet under the couch to do sit ups. It's not the proper way.
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Omer Butt answered
It can cause pain/cramps, If you aren't used to that before & When doing for the first time, you do too much of it. Start sits-up with very slow rate & when your legs get used to it, go to more advanced level.
With my all above description, needless to say that your pain is normal, consult some doctor for fast treatment coz for first timers It can take time to let that pain off.
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Mouse or Nette answered
YOU may be using your low back instead of your abs.. And your low back muscles tendons and nerves all connect at various places and you could be straining your hamstrings.. Tight hamstrings make a lot of things difficult. 
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