Why Do The Bottom Of My Feet And My Legs Hurt When I Wake Up?


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There are several different reasons why this could be happening, and the reasons depend mostly on your lifestyle. If you run or walk frequently and/or for long distances, you could possibly have plantar fasciitis. This is caused by pressure centralising in the plantar fascia (part of your ligament of your heal, connecting to your toes.) The risk of getting this condition depends greatly on where the pressure is concentrated whenever you take a step. If you feel the pain mostly during the mornings after a lot of physical activity, this condition is likely to be the cause of your pain. The best treatment is to use ice, wear orthopaedic shoes, let your feet rest, stretch before workouts, and take aspirin or ibuprofen. You might also try getting inserts for your shoes that are specially designed for your foot. Some stores sell these, and you can also get them from an orthopaedist. If the pain is severe, consider visiting a doctor to receive a cortisone injection in your feet.

You could also be suffering from muscle pain. There are 20 muscles in each foot, so the chances of one group getting strained is significant. If you strain the muscles in your feet, it can hurt for weeks (especially if you have damaged them in any way.) If you have strained your muscles, the best way to help is to rest your feet and take ibuprofen. Using an ice pack also helps.

The other two options are restless leg syndrome or a bad positioning of the feet during your sleep. Restless leg syndrome is a condition where your legs and feet move during your sleep. Only a doctor can treat this. If you sleep in a position that makes your feet point at a downward, you cause blood flow to your feet. This results in swelling and pain.

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