My Hands Shake, Why?


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There could be quite a few reasons why your hands are shaking. However, the most likely reason is probably tremors.

A tremor is an involuntary, possibly rhythmic muscle contraction and relaxation of one or more body parts. Tremors are the most common kind of involuntary movements and can affect the hands, arms, eyes, face, head, vocal cords, and legs.

Tremors are often associated with disorders in those parts of the brain that control muscles throughout the body, or a particular muscle, in this case your hands. Neurological conditions or disorders that can produce tremors include multiple sclerosis, strokes, traumatic brain injury, chronic kidney disease and a number of neurodegenerative diseases.

Tremors can also be an indication of hypoglycaemia although tremors would be experienced along with palpitations, anxiety and sweating. Other causes can also include withdrawal symptoms after stopping drugs, alcohol abuse or withdrawal, mercury poisoning, an overactive thyroid or liver failure.

In order to confirm that you are suffering from tremors, and then to further diagnose you, a Doctor will conduct a physical exam on you to determine whether it occurs primarily at rest or during movement. They will also check to see if there is any symmetry to your tremors, whether you have suffered any loss of sense and decreased reflexes. The Doctor may also ask if they can conduct blood and urine tests on you to detect a thyroid problem or any other metabolic causes. As well as the physical examination and blood and/or urine tests, the Doctor may also perform a neurological exam on you to assess your nerve functions and also your motor and sensory skills.

If you have experienced tremors for quite a while now, or even if you have not had them for very long, it is important that you visit your Doctor as soon as possible so that they can determine the cause and begin treatment if it is necessary.
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One of the first things to come to mind is an anxiety disorder. It can cause tension headaches, agitation (sometimes). It can also cause shaking (but typically minimally).

If you are being treated with any stimulant drugs (Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin).

Or if you are being treated with any antipsychotic like Abilify, Risperdal, Geodon, Seroquel, Zyprexa. In fact, if you take any of those drugs it can account for all of your symptoms. They also can cause Tardive dyskinesia, but that mostly causes a tremor on the face.

You could also have a sleep disorder. Be suffering from exhaustion.
Possibly even a Thyroid problem (if you get that tested make sure to get both T4 and T3 tested- often T3 is NOT tested for). If you have not done so get a full blood work up.

And if it applies to you, drugs/alcohol could be a factor. Especially during withdrawal (from alcohol, Benzo's, and Barbiturates for the most part).

Low blood glucose (Hypoglycemia) can cause much of your problems. But shaking is often during hypoglycemic episodes only (ie when your blood sugar is at least below 55).

Where exactly is your head pain? Your temples? Center of your head, off to one side? Does your neck hurt with the headache? And are you mildly shaking? Or is it significant (visible to other people standing 10ft from you- for example)? Because a twitch and massive shaking are much different.

If it is very bad you might want to see a Neurologist.

Good luck
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When I rest my left hand on the table my arm and hand keeps twitching and when I lift my hand my fingers keep shaking what do you think causes this
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I am 31 yr old female and my hands shake at times too.  I feel that since I am anemic it might have something to do with it.  I also noticed that right after I eat my hands don't shake.
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You are on a few medications,some meds can have side effects tremors can be one of them,some meds I take give me acathesia,which make me shake and I have no control,but when I explained this to my doctor he gave me a medication for the side affects,and I don't shake anymore nor do my legs move without me moving them,so talk to your doc maybe he can give you something for your side affects.
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Do you take in a lot of caffeine? That could be one reason, and you could have a nerve problem. I think that you should see a doctor about this. It could be a condition, that involves your nerves. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I took a med that caused me to do that, and it usually isn't a good sign you should see your doctor about it.

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