Why Do My Hands Shake Uncontrollably After Strenuous Activity?


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Try not to leave more than a few hours in between food or a snack or a drink it sounds like you may not be consuming enough energy foods carbohydrates slowly release energy through out the day , like bread rice ,pasta any fibre foods potatoes all good foods without heaps of sugar
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I always have the shakes in my hands and feel weakness in my knees if I haven't eaten for about 2 hours and I'm not hungry at all but I shake so much.
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Usually this can be due to defficiency of sugar. We need energy for every movement of muscles of body including eyelids. The energy is produced after metabolism of glucose. The Strenuous activity requires energy. And to produce energy for the hands, our brain starts uncontrolled movements of the hands to break down glucose in order to produce energy.  The deficiency of glucose or sugar in the blood will continue to send message to brain and the hands will continue to shake in order to start metabolism of sugar.

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