What Is Anal Retention? How Is One Medically/emotionally Cured From This Illness?


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Psychologically it means clinging onto things and being obsessed with details beyond the point considered to be normal.

The TV character MONK is somewhat AR. The character Ambrose Monk is more so. Neither of these characters is mean or cruel. They're extremely orderly and frugal.

It's a matter of allowing oneself to let go. Not loosely, but in accord with the time and situation. There are times and places for tears and times and places for screaming. Some people will ride roller coasters just because they can scream freely there. Find ways to safely open up rather retreating further and further within.
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My friend has a six-year old nephew who from the age of 1-1/2 years old holds back on a bowel movement.  He has been through the whole medical process.  He is now six and wears pull-ups to school.

I am a psychotherapist and guess it may be some sort of emotional trauma experienced at a very early age.

What do you think?
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And here I always thought it was my friends being sarcastic. Being anal retentive means your brain is in behind. Think STUFF for brains. I never knew it could be a real medical type term. Sorry.
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I think what you meant was that is that your brain is in your fundament according to yahoo. I must say that I never knew that this was a definition for the word and believe I will check other resources as it does not sound right. Thanks for bringing this out though. Who says you can't teach an old dog a new trick (or meaning of a word).
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Ana retention is to be constipated. Unable to have a bowl movement or cannot remove the solid waste from their gastrointestinal system. Anal retention is referred sometimes used to describe someone that is uptight and grouchy because when someone is unable to move their bowls these are the usual characteristics of the real problem. The use of laxatives, prune juice, Castor oil, x-lax, bran and fiber are some common methods of curing the anal retentive individual. Enemas are also used and if the condition gets serious hospitalization is required. Hemorrhoids, polyps and colon problems are also associated with anal retention and depending of the severity of the conditions surgery both laser and with a knife is required for recovery.
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Well, this is just an appalling over-simplification, if not a complete misdirection. The medical issue is that the person receives physical sensations of pleasure from retaining poop in their colon. They indulge this pleasure and this causes the constipation. The characteristic has then been linked by modern culture to obsessive personalities such as people with OCD. Saying anal retention 'is to be constipated' is clearly missing the point. Duh.
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Well, yes, anyone suffering fron anal retention cannot go bowling, for the time being.

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