My 4 Year Old Had A Flu Shot Now 24 Hrs Later His Arm Is Swollen


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Is it only swollen around the site of the injection or is it a large part of his arm?  A small amount of swelling around the site of the injection is will probably feel hard.  Is this what it is?
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Arm swollen from elbow shoulder rock hard red and hot
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Then you need to get him into the ER right now! It sounds as though he's having an allergic reaction. Is he breathing ok?
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My 5 year olds tricep swelled a lot and got hard and red, but went down the next day. I would say if it does not go away within the next morning TAKE HIM IN
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Take the child to the doctor, and have him looked at right away. Especially if this is the first one he has ever had. I know my husband got his first one a few years back, and got sick from it. With someone your sons age, this could be far more serious. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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