How Long Can Men Have Trichomoniasis Without Knowing, And How Could I Just Now Be Having Symptoms After Two Years?


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Deborah Wacker answered
Trichomoniasis can go dormant for years before something activates it. Once you start noticing the symptoms get treatment right away.
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Megan Moore answered
Yes, it is possible because many people don't have any symptoms and that is especially true if the victim is male.
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Trichomoniasis is usually not symptomatic in men and can persist for years if untreated.
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Yes a man can have trick for years and not know it. I've been married for ten yrs and never understood why I always had a fishy smell and small discharged that dr diagnosed me with bacterial vaginosis. The problem was trick,I was being treated and always reinfected by my husband.
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laurie gregory answered
This may sound weird, but years ago the same thing happened to me. The doctor said the only other way he could of gotten it and transmitted it to me was if we had went swimming or diving in foreign waters. Which he had, he had just gone diving in Mexico!!
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Penny Kay answered
Trichomoniasis  as Dallas bme said, is asymptomatic in men. Therefore he could have had it for years, without knowing it himself.I don't know of a Dr. Checking a man for this condition ever, unless his partner came down with it. It is relatively easy to cure and you will both sleep easier when you have been treated and are free of it.
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Lily Wright answered
A man can have Trichomoniasis with out having any symptoms at all. But I can't see him having this for years and you not catching it earlier and then getting treated and recatching it. I have had Trich and got treated so I know all about this nasty little STD. The doctor will treat you and tell you to have your partner tested and treated and TO NOT HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE until all your medicine is gone or you'll just pass this back and forth. So my conclusion would be that your husband has been with someone that had Trich and passed it onto you if he is the only one you've been with because you can not catch this from a toilet seat no matter how much he would like to tell you he did.
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Jacob Connors answered
Yes you can be dormant for long periods of time for any STD or STI. This is called having an Asymptomatic std
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NO!!!.. Have you smelled an athletes foot stinky smell??? Thats how it smell.. So its either you can't smell or you don't have it activated yet/ you don't have it.. There's a lot of sexual infections..
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Well I don't want to break your heart but be careful... I think that you both need to get fully tested before you have sex again... Go and get a full STD check for everything and he needs to also... Like the other person said it might be that he got it in dirty water or something... I don't know just be careful and be safe... I wld def get tested before anymore sex goes on for both of your safety...

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