I Have A Boil Next To My Anus Is There A Way To Pop It Fast?


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I had a friend that used to get boils,the dr told her to put tomato paste on it and cover it over night and that brought it to a head so she could bust them
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Okay, I am not a Dr. BUT>>> Speaking from experience, boils in the area of the thighs, buttocks and groin CAN be caused by MRSA. Which is a staph infection that is resistant to certain antibiotics. These are extremely painful and usually will recur if you are not treated with the correct prescriptions. My Dr. Said I just had bad acne (even though on three occasions I asked if it could be staph) and treated me with various acne medications including some antibiotics that MRSA is resistant to. It took 8 months and finally seeing a dermatologist to get a correct diagnosis and treatment. Staph infection can lead to severe infections in the body and organs. Please see your Dr.  Be aware though that many Drs don't know the symptoms of staph, especially if you are not showing a higher than normal fever.
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Use heat to bring boil to a head, then pop with a needle.
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It is most likely a pilonidal cyst. You should not pop-it as it can worsen the situation. You probably should see a doctor for the condition. These can spread so in popping the cyst you could further infect yourself and worsen the issue.
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Icthamol cream will draw boils to a head and they will begin to drain within a couple of days. Relief after the first 12 hrs!
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Would preparation h be okay for it

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