I had a wart blister and it popped and i accidently ripped it off and now there's a big circle of red flesh there. What should i do for it to heal fast?


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My housemate just had the same problem. It was on the outside of is elbow. Considering that I am a licensed CNA, for a small wound such as that, anti bacterial cream and a band-aid is the norm. The gauze of the band-aid should be larger than the wound it's self. After bathing, let dry completely before re-applying. 3 days will allow it to scab over. Good luck on your ouc-hy.
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Neosporin and band aids to prevent infections and promote healing
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Ray Dart
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Please do not advise people to put band aids on raw flesh, that is a definite no-no - check with the company that makes them, please.
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Neosporin will certainly help. Never put band aids on raw flesh as previously advised. If you need proper advice get to a doctor.

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