What Are The Symptoms Of The Stomach Virus? And What Is The Incubation Time When You Will Get Sick From The Time Of Contamination?


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A typical stomach virus, also known as the 24-Hour Bug, will usually produce vomiting, and/or upset feeling stomach, and fatigue.  The general incubation period is 3 days, but updated information now says that you can spread the virus the day before you show symptoms.  Commonly, if you're exposed to the virus on a certain day, more than likely you will have it 3 days afterwards.  (Exposed, or in the close proximity of someone who is sick at the time, on a Saturday, for example -- count Sunday, Monday and then Tuesday you would most likely experience the symptoms).  The good news is, not everybody DOES catch it, though -- you can have 3 out of 5 members of a close family in a home coming down with a stomach virus, and for some reason, two of them just won't catch it.
Here's to NOT catching it, and staying in good health!

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