What Is The Time Frame Of Incubation To Symptoms For Spinal Meninigitis?


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Before talking about the time period from incubation to the manifestation of symptoms for meningitis, first you should have an idea about spinal meningitis itself. Spinal meningitis, or meningitis, is an infection caused generally by a bacteria or a virus in the meninges. The meninges are the membranes covering the brain and the spinal cord. The disease can be caused by other micro-organisms such as fungi.

The meningitis caused by bacteria is not seen as frequently as the one caused by virus and is more harmful. The common symptoms of meningitis include fever (with chill at times), bad headaches, vomiting, nausea, sound sensitivity, twitching, etc. The symptoms for both bacterial and viral meningitis can be the same at times.

The time between the incubation period till the manifestation of symptoms depends on what causes the meningitis. However, generally the incubation period for most forms of meningitis varies from between two days to two weeks.

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