What Does Egg Fried Rice Disease Look Like?


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I am not going to post a direct link to answer this question, as what is seen can't be unseen. I will explain what the condition is however:

  • What is Egg Fried Rice disease?
There is very little information to be found on this, which leads me to think that there is no actual condition which goes by this name officially. What there is little doubt about is that it is almost certain this condition is caused by contracting a sexually transmitted disease; it could very well be a severe case of genital warts.

  • Why is it called Egg Fried Rice disease?
The photograph will explain that, however if you don't wish to view it and it would be advisable not to do so, as other than grossing someone out there is little point in viewing such material, there seems very little educational worth from it, except the message that you should always use protection during sexual intercourse. It shouldn't take much imagination to realize how it may have acquired its nickname i.e. That a cluster of unsightly and painful looking warts resembling rice form around the edge and underneath the foreskin of the penis.
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You can't get images of it, because egg fried rice disease doesn't exist. It is just a joke idea that has been going around the internet. Some people also talk about special fried rice disease.

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