What Does A Rash Look Like From Lyme Disease?


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A Lyme disease rash will look like a form of a ‘bull’s eye’ on your skin, appearing as a red circle around the tick bite. It is usually located where the bite is, however, sometimes it can appear on another part of the body. The rash is not one particular size; sometimes it can be significantly large or quite small. In addition, there are some symptoms that people may come down with if they have a rash that looks like Lyme disease. Some may obtain flu-like symptoms while others may feel constantly tired or have a stiff neck and high fever.

It is indicated that early symptoms can last approximately for four to six months so if you can, try and see a doctor as soon as possible when you start to feel unsure. If you refrain from seeing a medical professional in the early stages then as the illness progresses you may feel dizzy, memory loss and suffer pain in your joints. These symptoms may appear every so often during the course of approximately four years. Sometimes people may misconceive these symptoms for Lyme disease when in fact the rash can be a sign of ringworm, amongst others. So ensure you consult with a doctor so they can give you the correct diagnosis.

If you do find that you are suffering from Lyme disease then you will be able to have access to a vaccine to help treat it. In addition, if it is caught early then you may be put on a routine of taking antibiotics for a number of weeks. If you are more advanced in the disease, then corticosterol or minocycline injections may be administered to you.

You can help prevent getting Lyme disease by wearing long sleeves and trousers as well as avoiding heavily wooded areas.
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The rash of lyme disease is also known as bulls eye rash as it almost always resembles a bull's eye pattern. It generally appears in the form of a mosquito bite or other swelling after two to three weeks, and then develops into a proper rash. In appearance there is a swelling or reddening of the skin t the centre, then a circle of normal skin surrounded by reddish skin. The second ring of raised skin may look like a thin circle. That's why it gets its name of bull's eye rash. In people with darker skin tones the bull's eye appearance may be harder to discern. The affected part of the skin maybe warm to the touch and the rash does not cause any itching. Other symptoms that can aid in spotting the disease are fatigue, headache, swollen lymph nodes and muscle aches.

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