How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Golden Staph Infection?


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It depends
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Doctor can give right advice..
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Ask your doctor.   And I hope you are taking the right antibiotics.
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Ruth Campbell
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I hope he gets better soon. Tell me his name and I'll pray for him right now.
Keith Old
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His name is Brian. Thankfully it turns out that it is another type of staph.
Ruth Campbell
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Sometimes God answers prayer even before you ask. Good news. God bless.
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Sorry Keith.I only know you need lots of antibiotics.It's a trial and error type of thing, until they find the right one.It can be a long haul
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I'm not sure what you mean by a "Golden Staph Infection". Sounds like others R talking about MRSA disease. "IF" this is what it is...there's no telling how long it can take to get rid of it. Every person reacts differently to every different antibiotic. Hopefully, your brothers doctor will pick the correct one for him, on the 1st try.

The infection itself could be gone within a few with most any other condition treated with antibiotics. And it can also depend on whether or not the antibiotics were
administered orally or intravenously.
If the infection happens to be affecting any of his internal organs, it could take much longer to get rid of. Hopefully, the doctors can isolate exactly what organ it's in.

You really can't tell for sure. It can lie dormant too...& show up years later out of nowhere.
I've know several people with MRSA who recovered nicely, & one or two who never did.
Sending blessings for your brother, for a speedy recovery. Many do.

Best advice, would be to ask his doctor face to face.
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"If" you recover. Staph kills.   We know several that died and several having toes, legs cut off.
Did you pick it up at a hospital?   That's the easy place folks get it.
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Keith Old
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No I haven't. I heard my brother had it but thankfully it was another type of infection.
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Hi Keith,
Please do NOT send me any more questions.   I would rather actually converse with someone and NOT just be asked questions.
Thanks Linda
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Ruth Campbell
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Guest, whoever you are, why are you on Blurtit if you would rather talk to people? Why don't you just go and find some people to talk to then?
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Lay persons should not be giving nor commenting on medical conditions. That is a question for a doctor diagnostician or at least good medical literature pertinent to ones condition..

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