Why Does Your Body Smell After Drinking Alcohol?


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After consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, the body acts to flush the toxins out of your system by secreting them through your pores in the form of sweat. This allows the body to recover from the physical effects that alcohol causes, such as dehydration. Another telltale sign of alcohol consumption is your breath smelling of whatever you have drank, resulting in breathalyser tests. Ensure you shower the morning after you have been drinking ,as you will sweat as you sleep. As long as you stick to drinking sensible amounts of alcohol, it is unlikely that you will experience this unpleasant side effect. In moderation, alcohol can be brilliant for easing you into social situations and helping you to relax with friends when you’re out on the town. However, if you’re not careful about what you’re putting into your body, a few boozy binge sessions can lead to much more serious problems.

Constant alcohol abuse can lead to ailments ranging from depression, to the extremes of complete liver failure and, in turn, death. These are generally a by-product of alcoholism: A ‘disease’ that will take away practically everything that you cherish in life. Alcoholics become shells of their former selves, with relationships ruined, career prospects crushed and, not to mention, the crippling health risks. So when you next go crack open that bottle of beer, think about how many you have already drank and how many more you intend to drink.

By keeping a mental note of how much you have been drinking, you are far less likely to drink stupendous amounts and you will eventually find out exactly how much you need to get to the pleasant stage of drunkenness. However, you must remember that this method will only be effective if you don’t end up drinking such an amount that you get a case of alcohol-induced amnesia!
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Because you get overexcited and overactive making you sweat more.
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Yes it does. I know a lot of people that drank and they smelled after they did each time

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