How Long Does It Take For Alcohol To Damage A Male's Liver?


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How long does it take the liver to heal after stopping drinking everyday 10 units for many years
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My husband drinks everyday and does not eat a well balanced meal, high blood he does have, his weight was 240 now he is 208 in a 3 month time frame. What can be done?
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I need help! So, does my father. I think he is in the later stages. Please any help?? We have no insurance and that is his reason for not being treated.
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Last comment, you can taper off, record how many drinks you have per day on paper or your computer, i recommend for fast tapering 2 drinks off per day, you'll still have minor withdrawal, but nothing life threatening. Also, b vitamins e.g; eat wheat , eggs, liver, nuts, basically anything with thiamine, niacin, folic acid, riboflavin, and (b12) cyanocobalaminum especially if your having memory loss. I've had to do this several times to avoid the hospital. After taking several b vitamins (not vitamin supplements, food) after 3 days magically it was over, no withdrawal and the night before i had a pint (13 shots/1 ounce, 375 ml), from tapering from a fifth (25 drinks/shots 1 ounce, 750 ml).
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If you all are "truly" alcoholic, "tapering" off can be and will be extremely difficult to do. I recommend going to AA meetings as this has helped several people I know and they have been sober for several months and some of them several years. Also, I recommend getting a copy of The AA Book (commonly known as The Big Book in 12-Step fellowship circles), as this has many answers to some of the "problems" or "excuses" that are commonly used for not seeking treatment for alcohol dependency.
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Alcohol consumption can slowly deteriorate your health and the functioning of the human body. When alcohol is consumed, the effect of it is affected in most parts of the body and not just one. The brain is directly affected which is the reason why the person when intoxicated feels dizzy and sometimes experiences nausea.

The person also feels acidic in the stomach and his liver and the kidney hurts as well. The perfect time cannot be judged here because every person's body functions differently. Some people's liver may be affected in two days of drinking and in other cases it might even take two to three years. It all depends on an individual's body.

Consuming alcohol does not create major problems if you drink responsibly and in small quantities. Alcohol should not be drunk to get intoxicated as it might create a lot of health and social problems.
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There is a difference in short term and long term damage. A normal healthy person that drinks heavily once a week will not have near the complications of that person who drinks moderate to heavily each day because the liver heals over time. The liver needs a healing process at some point at least 1 to 2 weeks even then I can't say what kind of long term damage their will be at once a week rate for 20 years. There might be some damage but these aren't the kind of drinkers who develop the major problems like the consistent dailey drinkers of course.
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Alcohol does damage one's liver really bad.You should know how much important it is for a person to have a normal functioning liver. Alcohol affects the way the liver functions in a normal human being's body.

You should know that a few symptoms of a liver disease could be some pain in the lower right chest region, jaundice and an increase in the size of the liver below a person's rib cage on the right.

A liver which is being damaged by alcohol effects the functioning of other organs too.What happens is that the alcohol a person takes, it gets broken down by the liver.Now the products that are generated during this process are more harmful than alcohol itself.The liver cells are eventually damaged and inflammation is a commonly experienced problem then.

When these liver cells are damaged and die due to that, they also produce bad smelling breath, jaundice, spider veins on the skin, anaemia etc. A person like that might suffer from liver cancer too.

A lot of patients who are suffering from liver diseases have had around 350ml bottle of whisky daily for 10 years at least. Around 30% of these people who are heavy drinkers will have hepatitis.
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how is it possible that a brother in law of mine is an extreme alcoholic who now takes less alcohol to get drunk, this is the only alcoholic I know who does this?
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i drink once a week but on that day i drink heavily,that has happened for the last 5 years,guess my liver is can i atleast help liver recover because i don't think i'll ever stop drinking.Drinking is not bad at all,but it depends on how you drink. And i usually try all my best to drink responsibly
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I do not think there is any way to prevent liver damage except not drinking. There is no magic pill that you can take that will let you drink as much as you want. The only way you can help your liver recover is by stopping drinking or at least cutting down to very moderate levels like maybe a beer a day. I do not think there is any way.
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This depends on the person and how their bodies react to alcohol. Some drink heavily all their lives and never have a problem. Others drink a beer every 2 days and still get it in a decade or so.
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A heavy daily intake of alcohol over many years will almost certainly cause cirrhosis of the liver. Extreme alcohol abuse will obviously speed up the process. So called 'binge drinking' is a fairly new phenomenon and it is not yet known how the young people doing this today will suffer from liver disease in the future.
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That probably depends on quantity, type of used alcohol, period of consumption and he body's resistance to alcohol. Every single body structure is unique and so as respond and damage caused by alcohol beverages is different.  Best is to seek an advice from professional if you have any doubts about liver damage caused from alcohol.
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It depends on how much you drink and how often. If you are downing a liter of Vodka a night then it is possible you would get it sooner then if you drank less.

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