Can You Drink Alcohol After Having Your Appendix Out?


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You should not drink alcohol for as long as a doctor or nurse tells you to after any operation, especially an operation on the bowels, which is what an appendix operation essentially is. Although the appendix has no function within the bowels, there has been trauma to the bowel area and it is advised that you lay off the alcohol and any other foods and drinks that would typically upset your bowels when you are usually healthy.
Another reason for staying off the alcohol for at least a few days is because you will have been put to sleep by general anesthetic and it is advised that you do not drink any alcohol, operate heavy machinery (including driving) or care for anyone on your own for at least 24 hours after you wake up from this. You should also look into any medication you are taking in the recovery phase. After any surgery, almost everyone will be given antibiotics. Antibiotics help shield the body from infection, which your body is particularly vulnerable to after an operation. Parts of your body that have never been exposed to air will have been during this operation and you will also have wounds on your skin. These antibiotics may not work if consumed with alcohol and if they are not working, the chance of infection is much higher.
You should also look at painkillers that you are taking following the operation. You will be taking some in the week after your operation and with some you are advised not to drink alcohol.
The best advice to give would be in 5 steps and then from there it is really the patient's choice.
Have you been told not to drink by your doctor or nurse?
Are you under the influence of general anesthetic still?
Are you taking antibiotics (read the label)?
Are you taking painkillers (read the label)?
Do you think your body is ready for alcohol and is it worth the risk of complications?
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How long after? Since the appendix literally does nothing you don't have to worry about it not playing its part in the digestion of alcohol, but I wouldn't advise drinking while you're still healing and especially not right after surgery.
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Personal experiences,
I got drunk and now my stomach hurts a lot again. I drank about a week after it ruptured. Bad idea

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