What Is Considered A High Chromogranin A Number In A Blood Test?


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A relatively normal level of Chromogranin in a blood test tends to be in most cases less than 39. If you have undergone a blood test or had blood samples taken and the results are significantly higher than 40 or 50 then you should seek medical advice and consult your doctor in order to make an appointment.

The main reasons why there could be increased levels of Chromogranin is due to cancerous diseases that could be forming in the main areas, this effects including potentially having cancer of the prostate as well as cancer of the pancreas. High levels of this could indicate there might be a problem in this area.

You will need to have a radiography scan and have some tests performed in order to find out if you have high levels of Chromogranin in your blood. It could mean that if you have experienced tumors previously and have managed to get rid of them, they may have resurfaced once again.

There may be other underlying reasons which could mean you might need to change the treatment you are currently receiving. If your doctor decided to change your medication gradually this could mean a significant effect on Chromogranin A leading to a reduction over a period of time. In essence, Chromogranin A is an indicator that measures the severity of tumor activity in patients. If you are prone to illness then this could also exacerbate the symptoms.

If for any reason you are concerned that your Chromogranin A has increased over a short period then it is essential you contact your doctor and request a consultation and scans to see what the situation is.

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