I Want To Know If A Blood Pressure Reading 129/92 Is Considered High Blood Pressure?


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High blood pressure is a common condition that not only affects women but also men. Regarding your pressure reading of 129/92, it is considered moderate though it is mild. With this type of reading, you need to seek advice from your doctor so as to find a remedy to the solution. This is because, as much as it is moderate, it is unhealthy and can rise at any given time which can also lead to death.

Healthy blood pressure is said to be to between 120/80 and that anytime the bottom number is above 90, it is said to be high. In case the number is above 100, it is moderate but in case it is above 120 then it is high. In case you are taking the readings with a cup and from at home, then 129/92 should give you a reason to see your doctor immediately so as to raise some points.

Blood pressure readings vary depending with your age but in this case, this reading is not a good sign. This is attributed to the fact that this type of pressure is known as a silent killer thus one might die silently. There are some ways in which you can maintain the 120/80 reading which is considered normal. In fact doctor’s advice that one has to take calcium magnesium and potassium gluconate supplement. These supplements can be added with one potassium and two Cal-Mags. Doctors also advice that these supplements have to be taken before bedtime. Lack of potassium in the body is considered to be the main cause of high blood pressure. This means that one has to ensure that he has enough potassium in the body to be on the safe side and to avoid his pressure from rising. In case you have this medical condition, then there is need to seek the services of a doctor or a health practitioner to help you in finding a remedy and managing this condition.
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AS my brother nurse would tell you, what is most concerning about your blood pressure is that there is only 30 points between the two numbers.  The closer together those numbers are, the less efficiently you are pumping blood and oxygenating.  Many people whose BP is like that have more rapid heart rates trying to get enough from their circulation.   
I can't say enough about taking a potassium gluconate supplement and Calcium Magnesium every night with 1 potassium to two Cal-Mags before bedtime.  It needs to be in that ratio for proper balance.  Low potassium is probably the no. 1 cause of high blood pressure.  Remember- two cal-mags and one potassium.  You will get very rapid results if that is the cause! Good luck!
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I suffer from high blood pressure and like rayoflight mentioned it is a silent killer. Prior to taking medication, my blood pressure would range from 155/110-Thankfully it's under control. Go see your doctor.
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I am a 68 year old female and my blood pressure is 144/72. Is this within the normal range?
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No... That's not normal... The normal range would be 90/60-130/90
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BP of 144/72 is just dandy- whoever said that's not normal is mis-informed!
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I want to know if my systolic number is 120 -125 and my diastolic number is between 85 and 90 do I have high blood pressure and should I go on medication I am 62
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Yes it is considered to be in the moderate to mild high blood pressure. It is still unhealthy and needs to be treated, but it is not really VERY high. The median for healthy blood pressure is 120/80. When the bottom number goes above 90 it is considered to be a little high. When it is over 100 then it is moderate and over 120 to be very high. If you are taking the pressure with a cup at home, then it is more reason to be concerned. Just going to the Dr. Is enough stress to raise a lot of peoples blood pressure a few pt.s.
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Hi, I'm a 38 yr old female and my bp has been running around 129/92-94 for a while now.I know the top # is normal but the bottom is a little high. A few days ago I started w/ a severe headache and lightheaded.The other Night I couldnt sleep b/c the headache was so bad,I kept getting hot spells, and over all just didnt feel right. The next day(yesterday) I was really light headed, felt funny,my left shoulder hurt a little, had that headache and my started getting a severe pain in my left eye..came home and checked my blood pressure and it was 135/99 on my left arm so I thought wow that bottom # is high so I decided to sit for about 10 min or so and relax and took it again but on the right arm and it was 129/99. I know the top is about normal and bottom is high but my question is this something serious to be concerned with?
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I agree see your dr. I also have high blood pressure and my dad died at 42 from a massive heart attack because he did not do like he should have with his blood pressure being high
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If your blood pressuer is 135/100 is this reading a good on or is there something I should be concern about.
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It depends upon your age. The normal blood pressure is 120/80. A blood pressure of 129/92 is not a good sign and is high blood pressure. This level of blood pressure is called silent killer as it can damage kidney and heart leading to heart attack. Usually at young age this level is symptom less.
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Your 129 (systolic rate) is great but your diastolic rate 92, is high...see your Dr for treatment.
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140/90 is considered hypertension you can check it out for yourself at

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