What Does The Cancer Blood Test Results For Gra# Show?


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Whether or not cancer shows up in blood tests depends on what type of cancer it is, which isn’t very helpful if the type is unknown. Some cancer markers are visible in the blood, however this doesn’t tell you what type it is. For example, breast cancer will not show up on blood tests, the best way to tell for breast cancer is to search for lumps either by yourself or ask a Doctor to. If a lump is found, then a biopsy will confirm any suspicions.

Leukaemia, which is cancer of the blood or bone will usually show up in blood tests because diagnosis is usually based upon complete blood counts after an examination of symptoms. However, sometimes a blood test will not reveal leukaemia either because it is in the early stages or it may have entered remission. A bone density scan is also a common method used to find leukaemia as well as other types of cancers.

Most of the time, a simple blood test is not enough to confirm to the Doctor that a person has cancer. Usually there is an analysis of symptoms along with a range of symptoms which will confirm that something is not quite right, but further tests and evaluations will be required. Some cancers can be detected by a rise in certain types of body chemicals. But most cancers need to be tested for using PET scans or CAT scans, which will allow Doctors to see inside the body of the patient and locate anything unusual. Sometimes they may send the patient for an x-ray or MRI scan. The more of these they conduct is usually better because then the Doctor will be able to be absolutely sure of the diagnosis and the stage of the cancer. However this does mean that you may have to wait longer.

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