In Dark-skinned Individuals, Why May Blood Test Be Needed To Confirm The Present Of Jaundice?


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Jaundice is usually a condition that you would find in newborn babies that deals with higher levels of bilirubin. Symptoms are usually a yellow colored skin which if one has darker skin it could be harder to tell. Yet, the only way they diagnose it anyways is by a blood test. Another symptom may be a discoloration in the white part of your eyes also as previously listed. I know if babies are born with it they need to be in a lot of light, sunlight helps, or they have a suit case that has light bulbs that they keep the baby in. Usually, in the nicu or they can send the baby home with one to use till the bilirubin levels drop back to normal.
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If you have jaundice, the test is need to know the amount of it in your blood in order to make a diagnosis. There are several conditions that can cause jaundice. The liver might not be processing the bile correctly. Discuss your concern with your doctor if he order you the test. Thanks.
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To see which type of jaundice you have and how series
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To make sure that they have Jaundice.  Dark-skinned individuals comes in different colors from Jet Black, Bronze, Carmel color, med-complexion, lt.skinned. Etc
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Well I believe that they have to do a blood test tell any way.and it look as though signs of it should present in the white part of your eyes.What makes you suspect that you have it?shout back japeace

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