Dr. Bob Is Operating On Sally A Minor When He Discovers A Previously Unknown And Life-threatening Tumor That Could Cause Sally's Death Within Hours. Sally's Parents Are In The Waiting Room. Dr. Bob Should___?


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I would say he should ask Sally's Parents as she is a minor and in an operation. This is not his decision without the approval of the parents. While it may occur in hours it is not a for-sure issue and the Parents need to be informed of the prob em, the alternatives, the probability of the outcomes given the different issues and finally be given the final authority as to what avenue to proceed.
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The correct answer is A remove the tumor I took the test
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I was wonder how you did and if you finished and found a job in the medical feild as a transcriptinst/ I am not meaning to pry and anything it is just nice to meet somesome who has been there and done it ;kind of theary.
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The answer is A, I would think if you read the page 142 it says: In the last paragraph, the last sentence( show cause orders may be issued in the event of no response to the subpoena or court order originally issued).
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If it is not an immediate life threat to Sally, he should stabilize her and consult with the parents before proceeding. If the patient is in dire peril of losing her life, he should operate at once.

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