How Long Can A Std Go Undetected?


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Deborah Wacker answered
No it can not. You will start to have some kind of symptoms if contracting a STD. Syphilis has been known to lie dormant for a short amount of time, but there has not been any reported cases of that for many years.
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Mrs Ellis answered
In most cases with women it can but usually not with men. They are more sensitive to STDS but women will usually have signs of discharge.
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My partner cheated on me and he last had intercourse over a year ago ive just started getting signs off an std is this possible for it to be  ?
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Winter answered
Have you ever watched those herpy commercials. Many people in the U.S. Have herpes and don't even know it. They could have had it all of their lives. They could even have a partner that has it. If you think you have it, you should go to a clinic.

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