Can Head Lice "Jump" From One Person To Another?


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No they cannot jump. Their back legs are not strong enough. And they can't fly either because they have no wings.
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lice can be transferred from the hair of one person to the other but they do
not jump. They can travel when two people sit so close to one another that
their heads touch each other. At times they fall off from a person's hair like
for example during sleeping and from there they can get transferred from one
person to another. They can be transferred when a louse is left in a comb. So there
are many possible ways by which they can be transferred but they do not jump. They
do not have wings and their legs are not strong enough to push them so they
move by crawling.  
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Why don't folks just look at a basic entomology field guide or maybe look it up rather then ask people who have no idea other then there own uniformed experience to go on. There is so much great online information out here! For your own sake use it! Lice do not and cannot jump. They lack both hind legs capable of this mode of transportation and do not have nor will they ever have wings. If it jumped it was probably a flea.
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YES!!!!! My family has four children, all girls with long hair. We used to get it from school all of the time and from our babysitters(who had several foster children and children of her own). We learned a fast and cheap way of getting rid of it that is a lot better than shampoos and furniture sprays that is harmless to kids and furniture. We spray furniture and soak hair with rubbing alcohol. And of course wash bedding and stuffed animals or put them in bags for a couple of weeks.
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I'm curious, How long do you soak their hair in rubbing alcohol? I also have long hair and am curious about using this method.
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No!!!!!! They don't have wings!  They only crawl.  The only way they are transmitted is by direct contact head to head by hats, scarves, etc.  If they are wind up on furniture, yes, alcohol can be used.  Vacuum.  Put all infested coats (if it spreads) in the dryer.
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Yes it does , you need to buy a certain shampoo that drug stores , Walmart , Kmart ex.... All have just ask  . Wash in hot water all your bed sheets , pillow cases , clothes , ex...  Wash all of your childrens hair real good , go by what the shampoo says to do . It is no ones fault it comes from schools ex....  

Good luck and please don't blame anyone Jcallahan

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Not aware of jumping but they do drop off a person and can get on another person that is in close contact with the person that has the lice, personal items of someone with lice should not be used ie hair comb, hair brush etc....the best to you
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I think they can jump but others think they can't give me reason why they can not JUMP! , because ive been told that they jump but how can other people catch them if they can not jump ?

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