How HIV Can Be Transmitted From One Person To Another?


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HIV can be transmitted by the various ways e.g., vaginal fluids, ejaculation, blood transfer and by breast-feeding etc. All the body fluids of an infect person can transmit virus from one person to another person. There are the three main modes, which can easily spread the virus:
Unprotected Sexual Intercourse:
This mode of virus transmission is very common in worldwide. A person can be infected when a sexual contact takes place between the healthy and infected person. The vaginal fluids of infected woman can cause this disease to the health person or the ejaculation of an infected person can cause the disease to healthy woman.

Blood Transfusion:
Another mode of disease transmission is the transfer of blood from the infected person to the healthy person. When a infect needle or syringe is pricked to the healthy person it can be infect by the virus.
Mother to Child Transmission:
If a mother is HIV positive his baby can be infected with the virus. Baby get food from mother through placenta and this body fluid is infected with virus so it can cause disease in child. Breast-feeding can also infect the child.

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