There Is This Cream Called Samoxol. IT Says That It Works To Get Rid Of Gential Warts And Gential Herpes And Kills The HPV Viruses. Do You Think It Works? Should I Try It?


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Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a very common sexually transmitted infection. According to the current state of medical knowledge, there is no specific treatment for HPV infection.  However, the infection, more often than not, clears up by itself by itself, usually with one to two years.

In the United States HPV has been estimated to be the most common sexually transmitted infection. It is thought that most sexually active men and women will probably acquire genital HPV infection at some point in their lives and The American Social Health Association has estimated that about 75-80 per cent of sexually active Americans will be infected with HPV at some point in their life.

Most HPV infections in young females are temporary and do not last long. Seventy per cent of infections have cleared up in one year and ninety per cent of infections within 2 years.

Against this positive picture, there is a small minority of cases where the infection persists and this can raise the risk of precancerous cells forming in the cervix.

The commonest sign of PHV infection is the appearance of genital warts, although it is possible to be infected without showing such symptoms..

There are many different types of HPV viruses, some of which result in warts and some which do not. Most people who acquire genital wart-associated HPV types get over the infection rapidly without ever developing warts or any other symptoms.

According to numerous medical authorities, there is currently no specific treatment for HPV infection.  However, the viral infection, more often than not, clears by itself.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, the body’s immune system gets rid of HPV naturally within two years in 90 per cent  of cases. (NO SUCH STATEMENT COULD BE FOUND ON THE CDC'S WEBSITE!)
Some people have tried remedies such as Samoxol and have reported that it appears to less the appearance of warts.  Others have tried it and reported no such improvement.  There seems to be no reason why you should not try this remedy - it’s your money.

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WHen you use the cream for herpes, you have to wait for an outbreak, the crema has H2O2(OZONE) it helps kills the virus because viruses cannot survive in high volumes of this, my wife used the cream at the first tingling sensation of the outbreak and it never bumped up, her doctor will observe her every three months, but so far so good.
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I got it from NZ took week to come, used it and the anal warts have shrunk and nearly gone
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I Read the blog of a man that used it for HPV, said not to get it on your skin, ONLY the wart, but that it worked quickly.  Another blogger claimed that it burned them so badly they didn't continue using it.  Site was  under HPV 1+ years support group.  Good luck all.
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I'm not really familiar with the cream that you mentioned. But what I can hear from my friends who had genital warts was a cream called oxyfend zerowarts. They say it was effective and treats well. You might consider trying this also. Study their product ( )
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I must agree with the Zerowarts Oxyfend suggestion if you want the treatment to be cream-based. I, on the otherhand, prefer liquid based (water and alcohol) because I never really liked creamy topical ointments they make me feel icky. But I heard that both are top brands and Wartscide works as fast two (gone in two days).  I placed my order here, fast and convenient.
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G'day Guest,

Thank you for your question.

It does have some positive references but I'd speak to a doctor.

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I'm not really sure but my some of my friends who had genital warts said the cream they used in getting rid of their warts is really effective. You might want to try oxfend zerowarts coz I heard positive feedbacks about this already :)
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I work for a dermatologist and there is no cure for genital warts , its can be controlled but not cured and that cream does not work!
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What is best for warts I have tried load of creams and freezing but they don't go it's really getting me down
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Save your money.
Claims like this are a scam.
The only med that is proven to work for herpes is Valrtex.
Nothing works for HPV once you have it.
There is a new vaccine that can help protect you from getting the most common type of HPV if you are not already infected.

Good luck.
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Try it risk free at                         I used to have a big 3 incher hairy wart that covered my chin. I used this product and alls you got to do it rip off your wart hair and then get someone to kiss it and lick it. Trust me. My 3-incher aint there no more!

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