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Samoxol is a form genital wart treatment. Since its creation it has wiped out tens of thousands of infections in patients, in just eight years. More specifically, Samoxol is an incredibly powerful HPV treatment cream substance that works by fighting the virus that causes both genital warts and herpes. The medication consists of an active blend of ingredients that can kill the virus first off, and the medication has been proven to be effective at killing the initial viruses that caused the problem, and controlling and stopping the spread so that the issue creases to exist in the future, for that person.

The product was designed, too, to be able to regenerate the skin that had been affected by genital warts. Of ten scarring and unsightly parts of skin are left over when the warts have gone, and Samoxol is an effective agent that stops the skin from appearing unsightly and unpleasant. The theory behind Samoxol's formula is that the viruses in the body are negatively charged. When the viruses are treated with a positive charge, they simply die. Positively charged substances within Samoxol include ozone, and when this chemical is applied to the affected area it kills the virus and gets rid of the symptoms.

Ozone is embraced in the product, as the chemical is known to also boost the levels of interferon in the body, which is a substance that has been previously used to treat people with genital wards. Then of course, ozone also increases oxygen levels within the areas of the body that it is applied. Viruses like herpes simply cannot exist in environments that have very high levels of oxygen, so the substances within Samoxol work on very different levels. Get in touch with your doctor today to talk about obtaining this medication if you require genital wart or herpes treatment.
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Being infected with genital warts is tough, not to mention the mental stress and
physical stress in trying to get rid of them. A relative who is an OB-GYN suggested
that I tried Wartscide. After three days of application, my warts darkened and they
just fell off. It's really effective. I always have a spare bottle just in case they come
back but so far there are none.
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Yeah, samoxol is a cream that is supposedly capable of treating symptoms of HPV and herpes. The site has spelling and grammatical errors which make it seem a bit like a scam, I read two peoples blogthreads that were trying samoxol, one praised it as getting rid of their GW quickly, the other person said it burned them quite badly. Not sure if its real or not.
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The cream has salicylic acid, hell yea its gone burn the warts. My wife says it didnt burn on the herpes
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I found the most effective way of treatment was to go to a clinic and ask the doctor to freeze them, even if you have to go back periodically - it is worth it.  They finally do disappear.  I also used Samoxol at the same time (for a period of 5 weeks) as it claims to kill the virus.  I am sceptical as one wart did re-appear about 10 months later.  This could have been triggered by excessive masturbation or a weakened immune system at the time.  Anyway, it didn't seem to clear the virus.  However, what I did notice was the Samoxol reconditioned the skin very effectively, and for this reason alone I felt that it was worth the money.  My skin was scarred from using Aldara cream as recommended by a previous doctor.  It was very harsh on the skin.  It left my skin membrane fairly week and red coloured, and liable to bleed after sex. Samoxol, however, restored the skin to its original condition - provided you follow the exact instructions.  I also sought my second doctor's opinion about Samoxol.  He never heard of it.  He consulted two different medical books (I live in Northern Ireland, UK), and it wasn't listed.  He therefore said he had no opinion, but to give it a try as medicine is constantly advancing.  He read some of the downloaded material which I had brought him, and he did find it interesting, but he refused to give a professional judgment.  Interestingly, he did say that he prefers the freezing method to many of the other treatments available as it leaves no scarring etc.  He was referring to Aldara as an example.
I also notice that Samoxol has birch oil listed as one of its ingredients, which is a natural treatment for warts.
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I looked it up on google. Samoxol is  a cream that says that it gets rid of genital warts and genital herpes and kills the hpv virus.
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I've tried it and it burns very hard on the moment, I stopped cause it hurts too much and I didn't had much information on it... But I don't know if it really works or not...

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