I Keep Having The Same Nightmare Over And Over Again. And I Always Wake Up With My Hands Balled Up Into Fist. Sometimes They Are So Tight I Start Bleeding. What's Wrong With Me?


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Whatever the events and details of the dream are,  they symbolically represent some very important psychological or emotional issue for you present. This is especially true when you have the same dream repeatedly.

There is a website that has a dream interpretation thread, it is www.nodeorama.com under "Dream-o-rama". Perhaps someone there can help you interpret the symbols. I'll watch out for your post.
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I keep having the same nightmare about my mom who died 11 years ago and in the same dream is my oldest sister who is well and living

I wake myself up cryings screaming for both of them, I am a woman of 68 and the nightmare have be going on for some years
please can you tell me why I get such bad dreams
Thank you Rita Helling
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I think  when ever you have this nightmare again you should confront the Nightmare. Ask what does it want from you.. In your sleep. It will tell you.stop runny and ask it..   Good look with it. I know this may sound strange but it works..
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Whatever it is, it has you scared. That is why you ball your fists up. I'm not sure if you are mad at someone or scared of an event. If you wind up bleeding from this, you need to get help before you hurt yourself more

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