Every Night I Wake Up At 3am. What's Wrong With Me And Why Does It Keep Occurring?


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You wake up and stay up or go back to sleep? Anyway, try taking Magnesium supplements. Most Americans are deficient in magnesium and so many other nutrients depend on it to function properly. Also, most Americans don't get Omega 3's-Krill Oil, or drink enough water.
After work, etc, go for a long walk "looking" at things while you walk. The "looking" is directing your attention out, Extrovert. It is easy going through the day and getting your attention stuck in the past somewhere, Introvert, it does not belong, so this walking and looking brings your attention back into the present where it belongs. You think better and feel better in the present.
Tidy up your affairs. Make peace with someone who you have an upset with. Call the people you have been meaning to call, for how long now?, and just take care of bills, etc. Put some organization in your life.
Set the alarm for 2:30 or 2:45 and listen for any outside noises that might be waking you. I guess you could use some kind of recorder too. Sometimes a loud truck or a honk etc can wake someone and by the time you wake up the noise is not there anymore to notice.

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Perhaps you should try going to bed a little later and if it continues see your doctor for some answers....the best to you

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