I'm 13 and me and my family just moved to a new state and I lived in the other state for 12 yrs. This is my first time moving.at first I thought it wud b fun and exciting but I wuz totally wrong.school is Horrible. It makes me so depressed.s?


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Moving represents change and any type of change is scary to everyone but give it a chance and once you start making friends, things will get better and youll finds the fun youre looking for. Be patient and it will happen soon enough, but you do have to give it a fair chance here. Good luck and Happy Holidays
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Its just your not use to a new change. Yes a new change CAN be fun but you have to put some effort into making it fun too. Sometimes school can suck and be cruel its might be because they have already picked there friends and everyone likes how there groups are and they leave it that way leaving you alone to yourself. New schools can suck but sometimes you have to put yourself in the middle of the crowd to make even one friend. But trust me it will get easier. I know you are probably sick of hearing that but it is true
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You need to be more upfront with her and ask her for a simple therapy meeting this is exactly what happened to me I just stopped eating and I was too scared to tell my mom about everything because I thought she would laugh in my face so started cutting and then she finally got me help. You need to be more upfront before it gets that far.
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OH MY GOSH . . . . . .hun I know exactly how you feel I went to one school for 6 years then my mom made me move to a different school.....and recently my parents divorced so I moved with my dad I lived in our old house almost 11 years. I learned to look for old things I liked or used to do at my old school and house and after a while I felt some what more comfortable because I had those things that made me feel more comfortable. So just try old things most people say try new stuff but that doesn't always work. . .
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I'm very sorry hun! I don't know how you feel because I move every 2 years so friends come and go.but I'm staying where I currently am for the rest of my life I think you just got to deal with the first year the second year is a whole lot better trust me I was a year younger than you going through that but I changed schools in the middle of the school year.and from the city to the country lol! I hated it so bad but I changed over the summer and people like me a lot better and I'm soooooo popular I love this school now!
-love Donna
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Sometimes taking on new challenges can make confused distrustfull and unsure of yourself.  As you slowly get to know people in your school ypu will feel more comfortable and sure of your existence at the school.  Don't try to be popular or anybodies doormat.  Take it slow and be yourself.  Weather yourself is shy putgoing quiet r whatever.  Hang with peope that are up to speed. With your likes not what you percieve should be what you like.  Take it slow maybe you'll discover people ypu thought you didn't want to socialize with.  As long as ypur new aquiantences are positive anyone goes.
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Going to a new school in the middle od a school year is very rough. It will take some time to adjust and fill comfortable with the new school and make friends.
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One think in my 38 years of life that I've learned is the fact that the only thing you can really count on in life is change. I know it sucks and takes away security but belly up and face it head on, toe to toe.

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