How Do I Get Over My Depression?


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How old are you. Depression hits all ages. The reason I'm asking your age is to get a grasp of what could be troubling you. If you're a pre-teen or a teenager perhaps the lack of friends or problems at home. If you're an adult it could be a relationship issue or finances. If you want give a shout out to me in my box and I'll be happy to help you. I promise I not into Sciencetology or am a Cult Leader. I simply believe there is so much to live for, regardless if you're alone or surround by family and friends. There's a place for you in this universe and you make a difference. Write me!
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Have you tried using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), its a mode of tapping on your pressure points, there is a web site for it they give you the instructions on how to tap and its free. I have tried this for depression and it work for me.
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I have seasonal depression and take medication for it in the winter. I work at a state mental hospital, so I take care of many people with major depression. Have you seen a counselor? That would be a good step if you haven't done so yet. It took me several medications until one actually worked. Depression is a hard thing to battle. But you can make it thru. Find someone that you can talk to without them judging you, find a hobby to keep you active and to keep your mind busy as well. If your depression is family related, seek family counseling. If them do not wish to participate, then you go. That way, you are getting help anyway. Good luck!
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I have clinical depression too, for years. I've tried almost every medication and none of them are helpful anymore. I really think in my case there's been too many situations where my expectations for myself and the world are too big and unreasonable. The reason I'm divulging all this personal info is maybe it will help.
Also, I meditate and it's because of the depression I've turned towards meditating. I'm learning that it doesn't have to be the enemy to be fought at all costs. There's something I can learn from it (although when you're down in it, it's hard to see the light of day) Maybe there is something in your life your deepest self really wants and you are not doing. I hope I at least gave you some food for thought.
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I have a condition which causes severe depression, I used to cry a lot and I couldn't help it. My Dad called me 'sicky' and other names. Have you consulted your Dr. There is a lot they can do about depression. Do not isolate, exercise, get some sunshine, talk to someone. Shout at me, if you want I will give you an access to me where you can talk to me, I have free long distance. Hold on and please , please, don't make any life-shattering decisions until you get the depression under control.
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I knew I liked you for a reason. I've been there, too. Meds and counseling helped more than I say.
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You are in the company of many people, and there's no shame to it. Real, clinical depression is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain. A simple blood test by your physician can determine the level of chemicals, such as seratonin, in your brain. There are some very effective medications available. I was fortunate to find a terrific counselor, and the combination of the meds and the counseling helped change my life. Talk to your doctor, and tell him what's going on. That's the first step to take. Please let us know how you're doing. Take care of yourself.
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I know how you feel I seem to be having a lot of depression 2. I lost my brother in june of last year and I seem to cry a lot also. What helps me is to exercise it seems to just make me feel happy and helps with stress. I have seen a dr and that helps to there are meds that will help you but when nothing else does just try to exercise it just seems to work for me. Hope you  start to feel better I know that they say don't isolate your self from others but I seem 2 not want to be around a lot of people like I used to I used to hang out with friends all the time and it helps but its hard sometimes when you just do not care to be around people. I think I am about to go to the gym now  :-) hope this helps me feel better.
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Hi there, I have been down I guess, but have never suffered to a point where I think there is no way out. Well I think the first thing is, love yourself. Be kind to yourself, no one in the world can be as kind as you.  Where best to start but with loving yourself with your own kindness. After you see your kindness and you use it on yourself, everyone will want to be around you.  Go for a walk smile at people and see how many people smile back. Take care of you and take one day at a time. Things will get better.
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Ok so WOW! I guess I never noticed people are so freaking sad...I'm sorry.. As far as I can tell and I'm by no means a doctor.. But self preservation has to be the beginning.. You got to want to be happy..... I don't know of a time I've ever been depressed... I've been unhappy a few times, pissed off a couple of times...but never just down right down on myself..maybe if you look into yourself and find something you like about your self and build off of that, find something that makes you smile ...makes you crack a slight grin...and feed off of it , build off of it.. And maybe find yourself smiling more and more .....I want you to be happy... And if that doesn't work... Take meds till you smile... Lol.. Please smile!!!  You will feel so much better
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I have been on Zoloft for 9 years and was with a Psychiatrist for the first 2 years I was on these meds. There are all kinds of meds for depression, so if one doesn't work out for you, try another. Work with your health care provider. If you think your depression is severe I suggest you see a Psychiatrist rather then regular MD. They can get you on the correct medication ASAP, whereas an MD will put you on whatever is "popular" at the time.
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Before you run to a doctor and let them load you up with drugs, try some natural remedies first. One of the easiest ways to combat depression is to exercise. It helps release serotonin in your brain which helps you feel satisfied. It sounds stupid, but if you can stick with it for a few weeks, you should begin to see a change. You should also look at your diet. If you eat a lot of sugary foods, that can help throw off your body's chemical stability. Try to eat foods that aren't laced with pre-processed sugar. After a month or so, I am betting you see a different person start to emerge.
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I suffer from manic depression and I know what you're going through. It comes on without warning and takes over until you can't get out of bed. Please see your doctor for a professional consultation. You may need to be prescribed antidepressants or maybe just need to see someone to talk. Please stay strong and know there is a lot of help out there. is a great site for those of us who suffer depression. I'm with you all the way.
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I try to get busy or at least distracted from the issue. I like to read or watch television as well to take my time off from troubles.
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Well when I'm depressed I sing dance draw and entertain my family. Sometimes I even go crazy cooking. Try doing something you like. Soon you will forget all about then you will b happy and having the time of your life. There is always something to make you happy.
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I personally suffer from depression and I am taking paxil which is my anti-depressant and lithium which is to stabilize my moods and keep me HAPPY it works
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You have a lot of good advice from all the above answers. I too suffer from depression and have done on and off since being a teenager. I am really only just beginning to understand why. I think your first step should be to see a doctor. If you have clinical depression you need medication to help you take the next steps. If you are suffering "reactive depression" (eg when someone close to you has died, or you have lost your job, or divorced etc) then counselling would be most useful. After medication or counselling you should be ready to take the next steps which would be taking up hobby, taking regular exercise, maybe join some sort of social group like a choir, or a local environmental group. It can be a long haul to get back into the "light" but you can do it. As with many of the other responders - if you want to, give me a shout.
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Would suggest you talk with your medical professional. Medications are available but may take some time to find the right one a dosage for you. Also, talking to a professional could help with your situation as to a difficult time your are going through or depression could occur for no apparent reason.
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First of all. Exercise is the biggest key to getting over depression, at least that is what my therapist tells me. Even if its ten min walking out side or on the tread mill. Just don't think about what's going on in your life. Like about what's around you. If your inside the color of the  walls or the markings on the floor. If your outside which is better think about the buildings or the color of the leaves or the grass on the ground. When your depressed the worst thing you can do is isolate yourself which we all do when we are down. You need to talk to people get out of your house and out of your bed. Then do something that you quit doing because you feel depressed. Like if you used to write, start writing even if it horrible and make no sense. If you play an instrument do it for a few min. Or playing basketball or anything at all. Get out and see your friends even if your low in life, the more people you see the more you feel less alone. Eat healthier that is a huge thing because what you eat and put into your body will determine how much energy you have. Good fresh foods like apples and oranges and fresh foods have a good supply of energy and make a person feel good. Make yourself laugh, if for no reason at all. It's funny. But laughter is the best medicine. If your depression is really bad, get help. I had to. I take medication but then I'm Bipolar so I feel ups and downs. Anyways hope this helps. Remember everyone feels down at some point in their lives and sooner or later things will get better. Stay strong.
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I cry myself to sleep almost everyday I try to drown out my fellings with movies but that never seems to work. I am a middle child with two brothers that are almost perfect I am the one that messes everything up and has no friends and no life can someone help me other than medication
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Definitely with talk therapy. Probably with medication. If you have had 1 depressive episode, theres a 50% chance you will have another one in response to a similar stressor. If you have 2, I believe the odds go up to 80%, and they just keep increasing from there. So if you have had more than 2 episodes of depression, it would probably be realistic to assume that you will need to be on antidepressants. But talk therapy is possibly the most valuable tool, since it assesses the cause of the response of depression and teaches coping mechanisms to avoid depressive episodes.
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As i read through the responses, i would like to point out something. All that has been said as alternatives, from distracting yourself with things you enjoy doing to exercising, are excellent tools to use. However, it is a mistake to assume that being sad is being depressed. Depression is pervasive, to the point where one feels at times that they cannot get out of bed. When one cannot, how can he go for a run or cook as a hobby? These are excellent ideas, but the core treatment is essential
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Well if your a little kid and your pet ran away its fine you'll get over it soon it may take awhile but just don't I repeat don't    go and watch little kids play it may sound weird but watching little kids  play makes you feel sad sometimes  and the best thing to get your mind off of your pet  is to play video games it makes you 4 get about it so I hoped this helped gud luck
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Oh, I understand. Depression is a very serious disease. You need help. It is impossible to cope with this disease by yourself. When I was in a similar situation, I turned to the doctor for help. He ordered me to take marijuana so I could relax. This is important, as is the support of loved ones. I hope you'll be all right!

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Hi. I suffered from depression for years, and it felt like nothing could help me. That's when I decided to try hypnotherapy, and I'm so glad I did. I went to Wirral Counselling for private counselling, and I got hypnotized here! The hypnotherapy sessions really made a difference. The therapist was kind and understanding, and the hypnotherapy helped me change my negative thought patterns. If you're struggling with depression, I highly recommend giving hypnotherapy a try!

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