Why are many teens so depressed in this new generation?


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Doris Townsend answered
Expectations and disappointment, lack of coping mechanisms, family issues-- these are only a few reasons. Depression is viewed as a mental illness and for this reason teens can benefit by talking to a parent, teacher or counselor. Help is available.
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Richard Scott answered
Depression is such a strong thing these days. I'm depressed and I am one of the lucky ones, I have a job and a boss that looks after me yet I still can't still beat it.
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Sarah Butler answered
Because of people insulting them .And they just  have low self confidence. Andd I think if they had more self confidence they would be more happy.
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Kelcey Carbery answered
Being a teenager in this new generation, I think it's mostly because of self dissapointment and being bullied by judgmental peers. I myself haven't been bullied much but the times I have it feels like you are the dirt under their shoe and that no one in the world likes you, otherwise they would have stuck up for you and remained your friend. I am not a victim of bullying though and either are any of my friends (that I know of) because we all respect each other and stay in our tight group of friends. Depression is really sad, especially when I know people who are my friends who feel so alone in the world. I mainly think teens in this new generation are depressed because everyone is examined under a microscope these days and they started doing that to themselves and they didn't like what they found.
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Karl Sagan answered

I'm pretty sure that it seems like that because people started caring about their mental health, and it's really important. Everyone needs to cope with stress nowadays, and teens are not an exception. I mean, I wish betting was legal for them because placing bets on takebet.co.za/ is a great way to forget about all the problems for me at least for some time, and it could really help me in my youth.

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Lacey Mallick answered
Things just go wrong in life. Theres more drug and alchol abuse and gangs. There are many cruelty things like how the one Boy suicided because his room mates vidoe taped him having Sex with another boy/guy/man. Things just go wrong and we don't know what to do with ourselves...we just don't know what to do...
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Arthur Wright answered
Because the outlook for the future doesnt look so good with jobs scarce, even now, gang activity up involving teens, stricter schools, world becoming more expensive
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Taylor Jackson answered
They try to fit in but then some people tell them that they really don't and they do everything they can to be like the "cool" kids
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Maxine Chan answered
Blame bullies and the media :) People are bullied every day and the media does not help since the body image is always thin which is in.

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