What Are The Symptoms Of Someone With A Bipolar Disorder?


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There are different types of Bipolar Disorder...there is type 1 and type 2....Type 1 is manic depressive ( one day they're really down in the dumps, a few minutes, hours, days later, they are in an elated mood for no apparent reason) Which continues to worsen over time.  Type 2.. They can swing from one mood to another without provocation..( but can easily be brought back down).There are medications available to increase the serotonin levels in the brain....However, they take time to get into the persons system so do not expect an "over night cure" Oh, as for the "cure" there isn't any...and there are no guarantees the medications will work either. But please do give them a try if you or someone you know needs them...they literally can save a life.
Mood swings and depression , inability to get deep sleep. Someone might think your just hateful and insensitive to others feelings . There are different kinds and degrees of bipolar it would depend  on how severe your symptoms are and how long it  has this been going on.  Bi-polars us-ely have problems getting along with co works , family members ect.. Go to your primary doc, and tell them all you feeling ,don't hold back anything . Most people must have a diagnosis from a psychiatrist to really get the treatment needed which is different , because of the drugs used don't help everyone the same, it is trial and error. If you have racing thoughts in your  mind that is positive symptom  of this disorder, among a lot of others . There is a host of other symptoms that you can have.
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Only a doctor can diagnose bipolar disorder.

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