What Is Bipolar Effective Disorder?


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The bipolar is
not single disorder. It consists of many mood disorders and characterized by one
or more manic or abnormal mood episodes along with depressive episodes. The
bipolar affective disorder is the new name of manic depressive disorder. The bipolar
disorder is divided in to cyclothermia, bipolar NOS, Bipolar 1 and bipolar 2
depending upon severity of depressive moods. The bipolar 1 is mood disorder in
which there is history of at least one episode of manic or mixed episode. The
bipolar 2 is the bipolar spectrum disorder in which there is at least one major
depressive episode and one hypomanic episode. In this disorder the depressive episodes
are more intense than manic episodes also more frequent. For more details,
visit bipolar disorders.
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Bipolar affective disorder is actually a class of mood disorders. People having this disease suffer from maniac attacks and depression. It has the following types
Bipolar I
Bipolar II
Bipolar NOS
These types are merely based on the severity of disease
You can get complete information on this disease and its types at the link below:

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