What Is A Rotating Kidney?


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My Daughter was diagnosed with this condition when she was 4 years old...she is now 26. It came about because she had been potty trained for 3 years and suddenly started wetting her pants. They sent us in first for an ultrasound, but it looked like there were two kidneys, so they sent us over to xray for a fluoroscope. The fluoroscope showed the kidney 'rotating' back and forth. I was told by her paediatrician that this is a kidney that is not "anchored" properly. He advised that she may never have problems or she may have problems when she is pregnant. He said there is nothing you need or should do about it given its not giving her any problems (the bed wetting had nothing to do with this, it was an incidental find), however you should head to emerg if she should ever have significant back pain on the side of that kidney. .

Bottom line... There is nothing they will be do surgically until there is a problem, and it may never cause any problems. To day (22 years later) she's good. She has had no children yet, but I'm going with she will be just fine.

Good luck!

Darn that genetic pool flaw!

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